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Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes wiki exploits from the phrase 'Keyboard Hero', which is a title that mimics the development of R2 Games. Participating in the game, the player will transform into a hidden hero, handing out a trencher to kill monsters to win peace for the people. With straightforward gameplay, players do not need to move or perform complicated controls, but just one touch is to touch. Touch without pause on the screen.

Cool math games clicker heroes gives players a small piece of land in the game, where ugly monsters continuously appear to be "beaten" tattered, scattered gold. When monsters appear, you need to touch the screen to kill each one, each time you feel, the money will flow like a stream. And so day after day felt hundreds, thousands of times, many hours, many days to kill monsters collecting gold. Accumulated gold is used to hire other heroes to help you defeat the 'boss' bosses.

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The player starts with a warrior and must click on the monster to deal with damage. Gradually, you will acquire new allies to attack the enemy automatically. You can upgrade each team member by dropping money from monsters, and each character possesses their skills, which can be updated to be stronger. What makes the most eye-catching Clicker Heroes game is tracking the amount of damage you inflict, starting with single numbers and increasing it into huge numbers. In addition, the game has many choices of character skills for you to unlock. No decision is wrong in the upgrade, so you can freely build the team according to your wishes.

The goal of the Clicker Heroes game

The goal of Clicker Heroes game is to optimize the speed at which you expand passing zones. You can speed up by gaining hero souls, (HeroSoul Hero Souls) and buying ancients. By gaining ancient souls (AncientSoul Ancient Souls), your goal can be further sped up. At the moment you should focus on gaining HeroSoul Hero Souls. You need to know the most efficient way to earn them.

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Heroes are game characters hired to earn a certain amount of gold from defeating monsters. The hero will automatically deal damage over time. Except, Cid, the Helpful Adventurer, who only upgraded basic click damage. In Clicker Heroes game, there are 54 heroes: Cid - the Helpful Adventurer, Treebeast , Ivan - the Drunken Brawler, Brittany - Beach Princess, The Wandering Fisherman, Betty Clicker, The Masked Samurai, Leon, The Great Forest Seer, Alexa - Assassin, Natalia - Ice Apprentice, Mercedes - Duchess of Blades, Bobby - Bounty Hunter, Broyle Lindeoven - Fire Mage, Sir George II - King's Guard, King Midas, Referi Jerator - Ice Wizard, Abaddon, Ma Zhu, Amenhotep, Beastlord, Athena - Goddess of War, Aphrodite - Goddess of Love, Shinatobe - Wind Deity, Grant - the General, Frostleaf, Dread Knight, Atlas, Terra, Phthalo, Orntchya Gladeye - Didensy Banana, Lilin, Cadmia, Alabaster, Astraea, Chiron, Moloch, Bomber Max, Gog, Wepwawet, Tsuchi, Skogur, Moeru, Zilar, Madzi, Xavira, Cadu - Tomb Guardian, Ceus - Tomb Guardian, The Maw, Yachiyl - The Primordial Soul, Ace Scout Rose, Ace Scout Sophia, Ace Scout Blanche, Ace Scout Dorothy


Monsters are monsters that appear on areas where you have to kill them. After death, they will discard gold. These gold coins you can use to hire and upgrade heroes.

दानव: गुस्से में आलू, Catra, Gerbeel, Gerbeelpillar, Gloop, Finky, फूल Bloop, Impossumble, Loggernaut, मशरूम Bloop, Sasquish, स्पिट फूल, Tyrantula
मालिकों: Mamma फ़र्न का फैट चमगादड़, बिग गुस्सा आलू
शुष्क भूमि
दानव: Caperticus, Catra, शोकगीत बीटल, Finky, फूलों Caperticus, Grablin, Goboolin, रेत गेंद, रेत Bloop
मालिकों: बिग शोकगीत बीटल, सम्राट Skorpinch
दानव: शोकगीत बीटल, Finky, फूलों Caperticus, Goboolin, Crablin, रेत गेंद, रेत Bloop, Scorpinch, Tyrantula
मालिकों: राजा Caperticus, Trolgre
समुद्र तट
दानव: Se घोंघा, Devilled केकड़ा, Turtloid करामाती, Finky, तेजस्वी, Mouseketeer, Mousekewich, Flamingogo, Mudball, Turtloid
मालिकों: राजा devilled केकड़ा, octotentacle,
दानव: Gerbeel, रेत Bloop, Scorpinch, Goboolin, Grablin, Mousekewich, Mouseketeer, फूलों Caperticus
मालिकों: राजा Loggernaut, मड golem
दानव: Mousekewich, mouseketeer, goboolin, grablin, फूल caperticus, रेत bloop, gerbeel, scorpinch, mousity
मालिकों : बड़े गंदे, बड़े feets
दानव: Trolgre, mushrimp, foogus, bluzebleeb, goboolin, grablin, डी orcling, वसा बल्ला, Mudball, ऋषि shroom, दाना shroom, floadsie
मालिकों: superfat वसा बल्ला, कमी बल्ले
स्टोन फील्ड्स
दानव: स्टोनी bloop, ज़ोंबी bloop, बड़े feets, mouseketeer, कमी बल्ला, सील मौलिक, cassoweary, stankape, ऋषि shroom, mousity
मालिकों: राजा स्टोनी bloop, golem
दानव: snowlouse, बर्फ भूत, स्नोबॉल, बर्फ बल्ला, भूतिया वसा बल्ला, snowkin, snowmagus, polaburrr, sonw bloop, snowdier
मालिकों: हिममानव, प्रेत
एस्ट्रल दरार
दानव: बॉक्स राक्षस, भूत फैट चमगादड़, प्रधानमंत्री स्लाइम, मड Golem, नेत्र मुस्कान , साधु Shroom, मुहरबंद मौलिक, भूतिया Bloop
मालिकों: बिग साधु Shroom, रहस्यमय गार्जियन
दानव: सेज Shroom, मड Golem, नेत्र स्लाइम, बॉक्स राक्षस, भूत Bloop, प्रधानमंत्री कीचड़, भूतिया फैट चमगादड़, मुहरबंद मौलिक
मालिकों: फैट Floatsie, सड़न रसना


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