Clicker Heroes 2

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Clicker Heroes 2

Clicker Heroes 2 is a feeling game that has incredible power. You will start a never-ending journey to defeat mythical creatures, discover many new lands. Various upgrades of this series are still being developed

Jumping from one area to another to defeat monsters, buying equipment and upgrades will help you reach higher areas. When you are strong enough, move from one world to another, where you will find stronger monsters and unlock even better upgrades! Unlock more advanced skills to help you kill monsters faster. Massive clicks, Large Clicks, Multiclick, ... Conquer new worlds and defeat their unique monsters to find more gold and experience! Customize Auto Program to play games for you when you're away. Automatically boost your equipment, buy new equipment, and create complex skill combos. Maximize your efficiency by creating complete automated processes.

Every journey ends but with Clicker Heroes 2; your story will be one of the most extended novels. Challenge yourself when you try to defeat monsters as quickly as possible. Hire help and see your heirs as they fight monsters under your command. Move between different areas and explore many levels. You can experience the latest, most exciting Clicker Heroes versions here

Clicker Heroes 2 game is an addictive and cute click game. Defeat countless monsters and collect gold coins to hire some evil heroes who will support your work. Very interesting!

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Features of Clicker Heroes 2 game

More than 1000 zones Many unique monsters Fun clicker gameplay Warriors for hire


Clicker Heroes 2 is available as a web browser game, as an Android game, and as an iOS game. It can also be found on Steam since May 2015.


You use the left mouse to play Clicker Heroes 2 game

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Heroes are the playable characters in Clicker Heroes 2. The begin, there is only one available hero, but more heroes might be added in later versions.

Hero Level

Every time he kills a monster, the heroes will automatically gain experience. When accumulated enough experience, the heroes will be upgraded to another level. That means the damage ability will increase.


Equipment is the primary way to make progress in Clicker Heroes 2 easier. You can buy Gold in the down-left corner of the screen. And it will usually increase damage along with a positive side effect on something else.

Leveling Equipment

Every 10 levels, you will be an additional multiplier for the separate piece of equipment. These multipliers are listed below.


Energy used to make clicks to damage monsters. The game shows two numbers, the Current Energy and the Total Energy.

The Total Energy is the maximum amount of energy the player can have at once.

The Current Energy is a number between 0 and and the Total Energy. This energy will decrease by 1 when the player clicks on a monster and increases by 1 when the hero attacks the monster passively.

Energy Regeneration

Energy is restored by 1 point when hero attacks passively. You can buy the Synchrony upgrade from the Skill Tree so that the hero can automatically attack or while skills are waiting to be activated.

Skill Tree

The Skill Tree is displayed on the left of the screen. There is a sub tree where the automator skills are located. The automator tree uses points that you unlock by spending skill points.

The types of things you can spend points on are:

  • Skill Unlocks
  • Automator Tree Points
  • Stat increases
  • Special Bonuses

Special rewards are highlighted in blue. The bigger rewards are highlighted in yellow.

The Automator tree is where you will be able to unlock:

  • Automator stones
  • Automator gems
  • Automator Speed increases


Monsters are creatures in Clicker Heroes 2 game that can be fought for experience points and gold.

List of Monsters

  • Countryside: Bloopbee, Demon Boar, Grub, Hercules Beetle, Leaf Imps, Ladybuff, Moldy Stump, Shadow Jay
  • Dense Jungle: Daisy, Foulmoth, Obsidian Jaguar Raflessia Bloop, Sodclops, Spirit of Spring
  • Farm: Angry Bloopbee, Angry Potato, Dandylion, Finky, Grablin Farmer Digger, Grablin Farmer Pitchforker, Grablin Farmer Tiller, Hell Pig, Phillip, Tomato Bloop, Tourox
  • Foggy Jungle: Dryadora, Jewel Beetle, Moledozer, Spirit of Fall, Starantula, Tyrantula, Warrior Bee, Venus
  • Frozen Citadel: Crude Bloop, CuBicle, Eye Sickle, Forgoton Mechanic, Frostank, Frostbite, Ice Breaker, Icemite
  • Grasslands: Amanita Mage, Flower Bloop, Gerbeel, Grablin Bandit, Skrattch, Sporling, Sporling Sentry
  • Ice: Abominable Snow Bloop, Arctic Grablin, Koguhpuk, Monkranky, Notyeti, Painguin, Snogre, Snowfur
  • Jungle City: Bassinest, Feather Boa, Harvester of Hearts, Hornet Warrior, Hexecutioner, Hornet Warrior, Rainbow Bloop, Stone Guardian
  • Light Jungle: Bird of Paradise, Catra, Cursed Catra, Demon Kong, Painapple Bloop, Salamander, Slother, Tabby Catra
  • Melted Snow: Arctic Wolf, Frozen Stump, Kodiak Bear, Mountain Goat, Snow Angel, Snow Bloop
  • Plains: Bloop, Cheekmunk, Demon Ruminant, Gerbeelpillar, Stump, Sundour, Tree Imp, Zombug
  • Tundra: Bloopcicle, Ice Lizard, Polar Bear, Snow Griffin, Snow Imps, Snow Warg, Spirit of Winter, Yuki-onna


Mana is used to activate certain abilities. The game shows two numbers, the Current Mana and the Total Mana.

The Total Mana is the maximum amount of mana the player can have at once.

The Current Mana is a number between 0 and and the Total Mana. It will be increased by 5 after every minute and decrease when some skills are used.


A clickable (or "Clickable Treasure") is an item which you can be clicked on to get a bonus, like gold or extra regenerated Energy. They will appear on the sides of the road where the hero is fighting will appear. Currently, there are 4 types of clickables that can appear.

  • Orange Fish: When clicked on Orange fish icon, the player has gold and rubies. The number of rubies is random and the amount of gold scales with the player's current zone and can be increased by buying equipment with +x% Clickable Gold bonus.
  • Gold Pile: The players will be gold when clicked Gold Pile icon. This amount is scaled with the player's current zone and it can be increased by buying equipment with the +x% Gold Piles bonus.
  • Energy Pillar: An Energy Pillar is a yellow pillar that regenerates 25% of your total Energy when clicked on.
  • Mana Pillar: A Mana Pillar is a blue pillar that regenerates 25% of your total Mana when clicked on.


The Automator can activate a certain skill or buy an item from the catalog. In the Skill Tree at level 6, the Automator can be unlocked by buying the Automator upgrade. It comes with a pointer, a few stones and some gems. Additional stones and gems can also be found in the Skill Tree.

  • Pointer A pointer will check the conditions on the Automator stones have been met, and if they have, it will activate the effects of the corresponding gems. This pointer is represented by a green line. It will lighting up whenever it's about to activate a gem.
  • Stones Automator stones describe the condition that has to be met, allowing the respective gem to activate.
  • Gems When the condition from the automator stone has been met, Automator gems describe the action that the game will do.


In Clicker Heroes 2 game, Skills are abilities that can be activated to make game progress  quicker and easier.

Active Skills: Big Clicks, Clickstorm, Energize, Powersurge, Huge Click, Mana Crit, MultiClick, Reload