Soccer Physics

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if you like football or soccer, then soccer physics is the perfect game for you. As a multiplayer game, you can also choose friends as opponents or the computer itself.

Fight with your friends in two-player mode to win the game or beat the computer in endless mode. This interesting game does not follow the rules of football.

When you play your opponent, you will not receive any cards, in fact, you will try your best to score. Jump, shoot or kick to lead the team to victory.

This stupid game has addictive gameplay and funny characters to make it more attractive. Have you ever played soccer on ice? In this game, you can play not only on ice, but also in the rain and even indoors.

Your only task is to move the ball to the opposite position, but be careful not to score yourself. Interestingly, your ball is not football, it could be anything, including tennis, bowling or beach balls.

This is a football you have never seen in all the crazy and stupid things you can do in a game.

Tips and tricks
• Participate in the championship fight and try to win
• Do not score goals for your goals
• Do whatever the game can do to win the game
• Play with friends in two player mode.
• Be the first to win five goals to win the game