Doge Miner 3

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Doge miner 3

Doge miner 3 is a very interesting hanging game. In this game, Doge decided to dig ore to build a spacecraft to go to the moon. Your mission in the game Doge miner 3 is to help Doge dig ore, and then upgrade equipment, challenging higher integration.
As you mine, collect additional random dropping coins and collect random falling Doge bags containing various items such as improved hoes and copper doge coins. Those coins will help you in buying additional upgrades. You can still hire workers like Shiba and the army of kittens to carry out bidding and improve your Dogecoin creation rate. The workers will take it seriously for you, you don't need to be under house arrest and they will still take it seriously. When hiring those workers, you don't have to exploit them directly, but if you want you can still do it.
Using what you have to buy different upgrades helps make the mining more efficient.
This is an idle and never ending click game, your victory is to compete with yourself or with other players to achieve higher scores, overcome many levels in this game. and conquer the game. The key strategy to winning is to click quickly, and upgrade quickly when required.
Doge miner 3 is extremely simple in terms of gameplay so it will be suitable for all ages, and this game will help players to practice perseverance because it requires a lot of time and unlimited.
You don't have to pay any fee to download or play this game, but there will be some ads when you play, so hopefully you will understand this.

How to play Doge miner 3

Left click to mine and buy upgrades to make mining more efficient. This game is one of the games selected on our website to keep you entertained after a hard day at work and study.