Bad Ice Cream 3

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How does the cream go bad? It's great When you do well, you get ice cream as a reward, but in the third episode of the bad ice cream game series, things were different. In this fun and delicious game, you have to run through the maze while playing like chocolate, strawberry or any other ice cream flavor. When you try to get all the results and complete each level, you encounter obstacles. The hostile creatures in the maze can hurt you and ruin your chances of survival in the game, so avoid them at all costs. Work fast because you have time to get all the fruits, otherwise you won't be able to move on to the next stage of the game.

3 tips and tricks for advertising ice cream

1. Get all results fast and move on to the next stage
2. Use your special ability to explode ice blocks
3. Spit ice to stop the enemy attack
4. Playing ice cream badly with friends online 3. You can play up to 4 players.

How to play bad ice cream 3
Use the directional arrow keys to move the ice cream and use the space bar to explode or spit out ice blocks to prevent enemies from advancing.

Is bad cream 3 free?
Absolute! Bad ice cream does not charge

Is bad cream 3 safe?
Do not worry. Bad cream 3 is safe for all boys and girls