Bad Ice Cream 2

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Bad Ice Cream 2 is a very unique game, similar to the "Pac-Man" and "Bombman" that we used to like. The game was created by the game maker Nitro-me. Bad Ice Cream 2 is a puzzle game that can be found in this era. To start playing, first you need to choose a pack of three frozen milkshakes almost ready to ruin the disaster. In short, the bad ice creams you choose are rebels trying to eat different animals. The way to do this is to collect separated fruits like stones to open them for trading. If your ice cream is not good, you will find it very easy to collect all the fruits and challenge all the animals that roam the stage at each level. The main goal after choosing an inferior cream is that each stage must get all the different fruit options without being swallowed or swallowed by roaming animals. After choosing the bad cream, you can start playing the game. You can choose chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. The way to play the bad cream 2 is very simple, for example