Cookie Clicker 2

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Cookie clicker 2

Cookie Clickers 2 is a kind of idle clicker games. The main objective is to level up and receive the highest auto CPS (Cookies per second). Initially, you have to click on cookies but as you progress, this section is of lesser importance. After a while and a few levels, you'll realize that those golden cookies are the real struggle. Golden cookies cannot be created automatically, and a few are issued. This forces you to click on the cookies to increase the golden cookie drops; every 1000 clicks the "rain" of golden cookies is dropped, and you have to wait for them.

cookie clicker 2

 The ranking is done in two steps:

  1. Level
  2. CPS


Idle clicking gameplay

Fantastic range of upgrades and research

Funny phrases and humorous gameplay


Left click to interact with menu items

Left click on the giant cookie to produce cookies

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Buildings are the foundation of Cookie Clicker 2. Buildings are items that increase your cookie every second by buying buildings/upgrades. Each building has its own CpS and increases the price each time you buy. If you bake more than 1 billion cookies on the first run, buildings can be upgraded with lumps of sugar, which will cause them to generate 1% Cps more each time. Cookie Clicker starts with 7 buildings and acquires new buildings in versions 0.125, 1.0, 1,036, 1,041, 2.0, 2.0042 and 2,016. Currently, there are 16 buildings to buy and see. Each building has 11 upgrades, except for the cursor, which has 12. Grandmas has 5 research upgrades and 2 other upgrades to increase its CpS. There are also 14 grand class upgrades and 28 Synergy upgrades that affect two buildings at the same time.


Upgrades are the game mechanics introduced in Update 1.0. They are additional in-game items that have cookie costs to unlock. Once unlocked, each upgrade provides a particular boost for the production of cookies (or other things) that last until you reset it (except for Elder Pledge, Elder Covenant and conversion). A list of available upgrades can be found in the 'Store' section in the upper right corner.

  • Direct upgrade
  • Beta Upgrade Beta
  • Prestige Upgrades

Golden cookie

First, you will be introduced to the golden cookies and various buying options in the starting 10 levels of the game. Cookie Clickers 2 will also provide you with 30 golden cookies upon successful completion of all three goals listed for level 10.

While you play, the golden cookie may drop and you can click on the fast-moving cookie to add it to your current gold cookie balance displayed in a small bar in the middle of the screen of your smartphone. . However, pay attention to the screen as the golden cookie only appears and disappears in the blink of an eye, so you need to react quickly. This promotes another positive aspect of Cookie Clickers 2, which is to increase the focus and attention of dedicated players while significantly improving their reflexes.

Another great way to earn free gold cookies in the game without much effort is to go to More (eat cookies with the plus sign) and perform the various tasks listed there. If you still crave more, you need to score points in the Rain Golden Rain perk game and then a higher level that brings significant benefits to those who have chosen the Click Clicker play style. The Golden Golden Rain perk grants you a drop of 3 Golden Cookies each time you complete 1000 massive cookie clicks.


If you are a game lover and are looking for an addictive game; Cookie Clicker 2 Game is one of the best options for you. You need to achieve specific goals in the game to get some achievement badges and increase the amount of milk. You can experience 378 Normal and 13 Dark Achievements plus 4 Dungeon Achievements in the game. You can increase your milk level to 4% by using each Normal Achievement; meanwhile, it does not affect the milk ratio by Cookie Clicker's dark achievement.

Heavenly Chips

Heavenly Chips is a mechanism introduced in Cookie Clicker version 1.035. If you reinstall your game, you will receive Heavenly Chips. The number of Heavenly Chips depends on your lost cookie in all contests, with each reset, the number of lost cookies increases. Heavenly Chips can be spent on various upgrades during the ascension process. All upgrades are permanent when purchased, and forwarded through ascension.


The Grandmapocalypse is a mid game event. Grandmapocalypse affects both Update 1.0 of the game, as well as previous update versions.

You can activate Grandmapocalypse by purchasing the "One Mind" upgrade from Research Base. If you do not have a Research Facility, you can unlock it by having an "advanced achievement" ( have at least 7 different grandmas).