Canada Clicker

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Canadian Clicker

Canadian Clicker is a click game with Canadian red maple leaf items. The goal of the game is to click as many maple leaves to collect many items and make a lot of money.
Canadian Clicker has junglers with beards wearing flannel shirts, ice fishing and hockey. Click on the maple continuously, collect various items and sell them to make money. The first time n clicks you will gain maple leaves, then use the money earned to buy upgrades. Upgrades can be multiplied by the number of items obtained in one click or automatic clicking. The longer you play, the more your money increases, using that money to buy upgrades that will help your hardwood mining.
Not long after, the value of items in the Canadian Clicker game is really high, but buying it means you will also automatically earn huge amounts of money.
The game is completely free and the gameplay is very simple, Canada Clicker almost only takes time for you to become a billionaire.
With beautiful interface, simple gameplay along with fun sounds will give players exciting moments. Moreover, it is suitable for any player and can play anywhere, anytime.
The game is challenging yourself with patience and surpassing yourself by beating the scores of yourself and other players. Play a lot to earn a lot of money, surpassing all players to earn the highest position in the global leaderboard.
Currently the game has been developed with a large number of players all over the world, they say that the game helps them relax effectively and helps them kill idle time. Many also share with their friends to join this game, and they also compete with each other to see who gets the higher score.

How to play Canadian Clicker

Canadian Clicker can use the left mouse button to click on a maple tree to collect items, use the money earned from those items to buy upgrades that will make you more money.