Big Dig: Treasure Clickers

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Big Dig Treasure Clickers

Big Dig Treasure Clickers is an idle game that will help you dig treasures around the world and even on the Moon.
In this game, you will look for treasures in places as diverse as the jungle in Borneo, English, Egyptian burial sites and even on the moon. Start a quest to find hidden treasures, sweep and dig to collect money. Use the money you earn to hire miners, upgrade skills and buy tickets to new locations.
You can hire a number of miners, they will voluntarily mine for you without your hands on it, the more miners you'll mine as quickly and then your money will increase very fast.
Upgrading the skills will also make your mining more efficient, maybe just a dig but you will earn more money.
Buy tickets to new locations and continue to operate, you can build mining teams in all parts of the world, hire automated miners and you only need to manage and upgrade your skills. and continue to carry out the exploitation.
The difficulty of the game will gradually increase through each level, play and work your way to completing the task in the best and fastest way.
Are you confident that you will become the winner in this game, become the person with the highest score, and have multiple mining teams at different points.
The game has a beautiful interface, funny sounds, rich content and extremely attractive, this game will be suitable for all ages of players.
The game is completely free, you do not need to pay any fee to join this game or when you download. However, there will be interstitial ads, you just need to wait a few seconds to turn them off, please be sorry for these ads.

How to play Big Dig Treasure Clickers

Big Dig Treasure Clickers uses the mouse to control, left click to mine and purchase upgrades as well as perform management tasks.