Shell Shockers

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Shell Shockers

It sounds shocking, but you'll experience one of the strangest first-person shooters in history. After digging into all the madness beyond the Play button in Shell Shockers, get ready for an egg-like adventure.

You will fight like an egg, but there are many weapons that can help you avoid literally collapsing. From machine gun to bazooka, get another egg. You need to stay hidden to avoid being bothered by players from around the world, who will control some real bad guys.

In addition, there are lots of skins, and updates and missions are updated regularly to keep them fresh. Are you ready to find out what happens when you deliver eggs with booster chicken nuggets? The excitement of winning and frangipani's imagination may be just another moment, so stay calm. You can try the three great game modes, the super awesome "Shovel" being one of them!

How to play Shell Shocker
Shell Shockers is a multiplayer game with eggs rather than more traditional main characters like commandos. As with similar games, you must survive as long as possible or achieve certain goals in a series of battles while destroying as many enemies as possible.