Idle Roller

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Idle Roller game

Idle Roller is an extremely simple game. The purpose of this game is to roll your giant ball and destroy buildings.
You are equipped with a ball, which automatically rolls forward but at a very small speed, you click on it so that it moves forward and destroys the building as it passes. When the balls are destroyed, you will receive an extra amount, use this money to upgrade the ball, each upgrade has its own benefits, the more upgrades you will destroy. more buildings and the more they get. You can buy upgrades for rolling balls faster. The money will be purchased for upgrades such as speed, adhesion, color ... Use your upgrade properly. As you progress, you can also unlock subsequent upgrades.
There are many upgrades, each upgrade can upgrade to more, each upgrade requires a certain amount of money, gold to buy.
Upgrade a lot and check a lot of money to conquer this game, wish you have fun playing time when participating in this program.
The game is a combination of simple interface and fun sound will bring you a sense of fun while playing. You don't need to pay for any action to download or play this game, but while playing there will be some ads that annoy you, you just need to let it run for a few seconds and then turn off they go.
As one of the games chosen by many players, I believe you will quickly get addicted to it and this will also be a very good entertainment option for you.

How to play Idle Roller?

Idle Roller constantly clicks on the balls to let them move, and buy upgrades. This game is one of the fun games that have been selected at our website, join in and enjoy the fun it brings.